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Addiction Natural Dog Food

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Healthy Natural Dog Food

Setting out to revolutionise pet food formulation, Addiction developed a completely new range of foods inspired by our cats’ and dogs’ natural diets and based on providing them with all the nutrients they need to thrive. He formulated recipes around premium proteins and high quality wild game meats – meats that were not only much richer in nutrients, but also hypoallergenic and easier to digest.

Adding vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts and seeds to these meats to intensify their flavor and wholesomeness. The results were simply amazing. Each patient who tried the new food would devour it and ask for more. These pioneer dogs and cats were soon refusing their normal food and only eating these new dishes (hence our brand name ‘Addiction’). More significantly, those patients that were regularly fed Addiction showed significant improvements in skin and coat health and greater overall vitality.

Grain Free Pet Food

Why are so many of the foods we give our pets packed with grains?

Grains can be an easy and cheap way for manufacturers to bulk up the protein content of their food. Dogs find it increasingly hard to digest carbohydrates like grains as they get older and cats have been proven to lack the ability to digest grains. In addition, many dogs and cats are allergic to common grains used in pet foods such as wheat and corn.

At Addiction, we make most of our foods grain free and when we do use grains, we use only the highest quality grains with easy digestibility such as whole oats.

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About Us

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About Addiction Dog Foods

Addiction Foods Limited commenced in 2002 when the founder - a leading holistic veterinary surgeon and clinical nutritionist with over 20 years experience - began to notice that most everyday pet foods were under nourishing our pets and in many cases causing them harm.

By creating only natural and wholesome foods with no compromise on quality, Addiction is as close as what nature intended for your pets to eat. This holistic hypo-allergenic range of New Zealand food reduces the risk of allergies, eczema and itchiness in your pets. More information is available from the USA site

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Urban & Rural Delivery

Premium addiction dog food products delivered straight to your door anywhere in New Zealand.

Simply shop online to browse our range of products, place an order and your Addiction food will be delivered straight to you.

Made in New Zealand by kiwis

NZ Made & Owned

Addiction pet food is 100% New Zealand owned and operated. Addiction Pet Food's, have taken the guess work out of your pets’ dietary needs.

Addiction provide only healthy products that are manufactured here in New Zealand.